Online Faculty Resources

Online Faculty Resources
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University Resources

The following university-wide resources are available to all faculty and instructors teaching online. 

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Why Work with UNH Online?

To help advance the University of New Hampshire's mission, UNH Online works in partnership with the academic community to facilitate high-quality, convenient, and accessible online learning throughout New Hampshire and beyond. UNH Online's suite of services includes: 

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Market Analysis, Program Feasibility & Marketing

  • Analysis and feasibility studies to support program success 
  • Campaign strategy, including detailed marketing plans and content writing  


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Program Onboarding

Project management of a cross-functional team for new online program launches:

  • Connect faculty with instructional design support and training
  • Provide process guide and checklists for program development 
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Recruitment & Enrollment 

Full recruitment lifecycle services, including: 

  • Representation at events and industry conferences 
  • Program-specific informational sessions 
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Student Retention

Support student success, including: 

  • Providing students with a new student orientation, registration reminders, and term-based communications 
  • Assisting program faculty with student retention efforts  
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Distance Education Compliance

Support for new and ongoing online programs, including: 

  • Access to program regulatory expertise 

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Faculty Support

Support across the college with: 

  • Admissions processes and program onboarding 
  • Connecting online faculty with university support and services, such as  instructional design, training,  educational technologies and tools, media services, and faculty development 
  • Communication templates related to important dates and best practices 

For More Information

To learn more about how UNH Online can partner with your online program, please complete the appropriate form below.  


Do you have a new idea for an online offering?

Are you interested in creating an online learning experience for students? Connect with online experts at UNH and we will be in touch to talk about the process. To get started, it is helpful to know a few things up-front:

  • Affiliated university/college name

  • Subject matter/program name for consideration

  • Program Format: non-credit, credit, undecided

  • Level of Education: undergraduate, graduate, undecided

  • Type of Offering: degree, certificate, micro-credential, undecided

  • New idea for online or converting/adding online modality for an existing program

Thank you for your submission - we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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