Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Many of our students opt for online learning because of its easy access and schedule flexibility that allows them to earn an education while balancing home, work, and study. The advantage of online learning is that you can log into your classes anytime, from anywhere, which makes it a smart way to earn a degree.

How are online classes different?

The majority of online courses are offered asynchronously. Rather than log onto your class at a specific time, you have some flexibility to complete assignments on your own schedule. Deadlines are still a fact of life but you decide the best time and place to study. Discussion boards and online activities offer opportunities to actively engage with your instructors and student cohort. Online students appreciate the individualized attention and benefit from a network of peers from a wide geographic range.

Our online courses include reading assignments, videos, charts, and presentations, in addition to interactive learning activities and group discussions. There are many creative tools available for online learning that are both stimulating and engaging. Online courses are offered in manageable, 8-week time frames with the course material presented in digestible chunks by faculty trained in online delivery.

A brief video about online learning at the University of New Hampshire.

Will I succeed as an online student?

Although students are sometimes surprised by their ability to succeed in an online setting, it works best if you have certain learning attributes. Check the following list of successful attributes to see where you fit in:

  • Self-starter who embraces and initiates the work

  • Astute time manager who knows how to organize their study and assignment schedule

  • Good comprehension and writing skills

  • Regularly engages with instructors and peers

  • Willing to achieve a comfort level with educational technology

What if I need support?

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Our Student Success Coaches and Professional Advisors are here to support you, answer questions and suggest resourcesOur team is committed to your success from the time you apply right through graduation. Look for us to greet you with a big smile and generous applause when you step up for your diploma!