Vijay Kapuluru

A Logical Balance
Vijay Kapuluru

“I like to use logic”, says Vijay Kapuluru. “I enjoy the mental exploration.”

Born in India, Vijay emigrated to the United States in 2008. Although he started his working life in mechanical engineering, the explosive growth in IT persuaded him to switch gears and carve out an expanding career in a new country. He is fascinated by technology innovations, predictive analysis, and artificial intelligence as the cornerstones of future development.

With experience in manufacturing, and in IT within the insurance and banking domains, Kapuluru currently works as a Senior Solution Architect in Manchester, NH for an organization that is a leader in insurance and reinsurance.  His work requires a balanced mix of technical and business skills to develop best practices, determine information technology architecture and data solutions, and maintain technological alignment with overall business needs. 

With a watchful eye on market demand, Kapuluru saw the growth potential in business data and enrolled in the UNH Online Data Science Graduate Certificate program, completing his studies in 2019. Taking online classes was second nature to Vijay. “You are in control of your time.” Eliminating the commute to a physical classroom provided tremendous flexibility in balancing work, family, and study.

“When you are in a good mood, you learn better!” Vijay’s quiet smile reflects the visible pleasure of balancing the right setting, mood and time frame to dive into new material at his own pace. He also benefited from the online discussion boards as a platform to resolve questions quickly and to exchange ideas with fellow students.

Kapuluru cites the impact of Professor Bogdan Gadidov’s depth of knowledge and the incredible learning experience of applying course content to real-world problem-solving. This type of data exploration “gave us an opportunity to work on real data connected with real-world projects,” a successful blending of education and experience that helped fuel his desire to eventually pursue a master’s degree in Data Science.

Vijay attributes his career success to a combination of experience and education. His new skills provide the technical knowledge to pull predictive data while his experience guides him to dig deeper for more insightful interpretations. This adds up to a powerful combination for businesses seeking insights that help them optimize resources and innovate within changing markets. Vijay looks confidently into his future as a successful data scientist in the data analytics domain. Relying on data insights to shape their strategic plans for growth, product innovation, and marketing, the demand for this information reaches across all industries.

But the heady task of logic and analysis requires an occasional time out to rest and recharge. Seeking inspiration in quiet pursuits, Vijay heads to the mountains of New Hampshire. His eyes light up when he talks about the mental and physical healing effects of being in the mountains where he enjoys the renewing spirit of the natural world.

Vijay seems to possess an intrinsic understanding of the daily quest for balance, a quality that will support him well on all fronts as he plots his career path.