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Lynette Ferrara

Ms. Ferrara has over 20 years of experience (CSC Consulting and Booz Allen) in helping healthcare leadership teams develop and implement data-driven strategies to improve operations and patient care. Her work with health systems includes the development of a data warehouse and analytics strategy for one of the largest systems in California. Her work with pharmaceutical companies has focused on the design and implementation of strategies to use real-world data (clinical, claims, and pharmaceutical) to support clinical research, market access, and patient engagement.  She also managed the design, implementation, and operation of the first global cloud-based real-world data laboratory. She managed the development of a common data model and integrated vocabulary to support global health economics and outcomes research. She has also designed and developed mobile health applications to help patients manage diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Ms.  Ferrara teaches HDS 808 The Successful Health Data Science Project.  This course supports the design and initiation of the Practicum Health Data Science project required for completion of the Master of Health Data Science program. Students may elect to enroll in this course before beginning the practicum or concurrently with the practicum. The course covers the definition of a high-value research topic, the development of a project plan, and project launch. Students will complete key project milestones including negotiation of a project charter, development of an approved analysis plan, and demonstrate access to required data.