Are You Ready for Online Learning?

What to Expect in Online Courses

Online education is neither better nor worse than face-to-face instruction—it is simply different. The online environment provides new learning opportunities and creates direct relationships between students and instructors while affording students flexibility. The majority of online courses are provided asynchronously, meaning you do not need to log into a course at any specific time, rather you complete required readings, discussion boards, and other course assignments on your own time as long as you meet course assignment deadlines. Courses provided synchronously requires you to log into a course at a designated time for a live class.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

To be a successful online student you need to be:

  • self-motivated,
  • able to manage your time appropriately,
  • comfortable interacting with myCourses and other technologies, and
  • able to express your ideas in writing. 

Many online courses are offered in condensed time frames, meaning they are not as long as traditional on-campus courses and move at a faster pace. If you feel confident in these areas, give an online course a try!