State Authorization for Online Education


UNH Online at the University of New Hampshire is an option for students who cannot attend classes on campus to experience the same high quality education from any location at any time, provided internet access is available. We have recently started converting some of our graduate programs to the online environment, with plans for more to follow soon. In each case, online students will have access to the same academic and financial support that on campus students have.  Recent amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) include changes in individual State Authorization regulations that impact online education providers.  The specific portion of § 600.9 State authorization states:

If an institution is offering postsecondary education through distance or correspondence education to students in a State in which it is not physically located or in which it is otherwise subject to State jurisdiction as determined by the State, the institution must meet any State requirements for it to be legally offering postsecondary distance or correspondence education in that State. An institution must be able to document to the Secretary the State's approval upon request. (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1001 and 1002)

What UNH Online is Doing

UNH Online is working in cooperation with state agencies throughout the country.  Enrollment and applications are reviewed to ensure the proper state authorizations are in place for students in those states.   If authorization or licensure is necessary or becomes necessary, UNH will obtain the required additional approvals whenever possible.  Please check with us if you have any questions about our authorization to provide online education in your state.

Information Sharing

Sample Inquiry Letter: UNH Online developed an official inquiry letter that was sent to the state agencies inquiring about each state's authorization policy for distance learning. The responses from the state agencies are being collected in regard to authorization policies for distance learning.  States that have responded with authorization can be viewed on our state authorization status page.

Complaint Resolution

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education’s Program Integrity Rule, institutions providing online education are required to provide prospective and current students with contact information of the state agency or agencies that handle complaints against postsecondary education institutions offering distance learning within that state.

UNH Online is ready to provide guidance should you wish to file a grievance during your study in one of our online programs. If you have communicated directly with your instructor and the issue is unresolved, you may choose any of these three options: