Seth Abramson

seth abramson

Professor Abramson runs the Digital Language Arts and Professional and Technical Communications tracks of the Literary Arts and Studies program. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Professor Abramson worked for nine years as a criminal defense attorney and criminal investigator before returning to academia and achieving a Ph.D. in Literary Studies. His teaching areas include digital journalism, post-internet cultural theory, post-internet writing, and legal advocacy (legal writing, case method, and trial advocacy). 


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
  • J.D., Harvard Law School
  • M.A., University of Wisconsin
  • M.F.A., University of Iowa
  • B.A., Dartmouth College

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 501: Intro to Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 534: 21st Century Journalism
  • ENGL 595: Top/Legal Writing & Research
  • ENGL 693: Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL 694: Top/Legal Writing & Research
  • ENGL 787: Digital Age Culture & Theory
  • ENGL/ET 502/625: Professional & Technical Writ
  • ENGL/ET 602/625: Adv Professional & Tech Writ
  • UMIS 599: IS/Experimental Screenwriting
  • UMST 500: Internship

Selected Publications

Abramson, S. (2019). Proof of Conspiracy How Trump's International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy. St. Martin's Press.

Abramson, S. (2018). Proof of Collusion How Trump Betrayed America. Simon & Schuster.

Abramson, S., Damiani, J., & Kim, M. M. (2018). BAX 2018 Best American Experimental Writing. Wesleyan University Press.