National Distance Learning Week

National Distance Learning Week
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NDLW 2023

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November 6 - 10, 2023

At UNH Online, our students earn a high-quality education with the flexibility to balance their studies with work and home life. We honor our growing community of online students, faculty and staff who are dedicated to online learning with weeklong celebrations that coincide with National Distance Learning Week (NDLW). This national celebration was created by the U.S. Distance Learning Association to generate greater awareness and appreciation for digital/distance learning and recognize leaders and best practices in the field.  


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Innovative Online Teaching at UNH

In honor of National Distance Learning Week 2023 (Nov. 6-10), UNH faculty members share their philosophy, techniques, and advice for best practices in online teaching. Exploring new methods to engage online students, they leverage technology to drive subject mastery, enhance problem-solving and improve leadership skills while fostering high touchpoint communication. The common thread among them is a strong desire to offer the best possible education using creativity and innovation as their guideposts. 



UNH Online programs allow students to earn a high-quality education with the flexibility to balance their studies with work and home life. Whether you live in New Hampshire or beyond, our programs are geared toward today’s learning needs. 

Scott Stanley, Dean of Online Learning: New Vision For Online Learning At UNH

We support student growth with a standard of excellence that is the cornerstone of our university. Our graduates tell us that education with UNH Online fuels their passion and provides a strong impetus to their career growth.  At the University of New Hampshire, you don’t just get a degree, you get an education for a lifetime.

Provost Wayne Jones National Distance Learning Week


Scott Stanley National Distance Learning Week


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Alumni Stories

  • Ashley Pinkham
    DNP '23G
    Mapping the Course - Whether she is mapping a career path or charting a racecar course, Ashley Pinkham knows how to keep her seat while navigating the bumps and curves. With a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry, Pinkham launched her career as an Environmental Educator at Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maine where she collaborated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service…
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  • Breanne Vasquez
    PMHNP Certificate, '22G
    Broad Shoulders -  Mother of four and wife of a career infantry service member, Breanne Vasquez has managed the family household singlehandedly during her husband’s multiple deployments while holding down a full-time job and pursuing her own academic studies. This challenging combination underscores her strength, independence, and an understated modesty about the grit and perseverance…
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  • Donna Primera
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate, ‘22G
    The Heart of Time-  Drawn to the adrenaline-packed experience of caring for emergency patients in accident and disaster zones, Donna Primera started her career as a hospital flight nurse. One of her missions involved flying into the Baton Rouge area after a devastating hurricane to assist with the rescue and helicopter evacuation of injured patients. “It was tremendously rewarding to help…
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  • Danielle Miller
    Master of Education in Educational Studies ‘22G
    Gratitude- Tacked to the wall behind her chair is a row of “gratitude bags” where students place notes for residence hall staff to express their appreciation for support and encouragement. While their welcomed messages are timed with the academic year, gratitude is a way of life for Danielle Miller, UNH Hall Director. "I love working with college students. My responsibility is to support…
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  • Veronica Gore
    Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP Certificate, '22G
    Inner Peace- Her first brush with urgent care took place when Veronica Gore was a 911 operator in Chicago. The caller needed immediate help for a baby at risk from drowning so, until the ambulance arrived, Gore stayed on the phone to explain how to perform CPR. Although operators were not encouraged to give medical instructions, the experience gave birth to Veronica’s future passion for…
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Faculty Spotlights

  • Sajay Arthanat AT Faculty
    Overcoming the Barriers
    As a high schooler, Dr. Arthanat’s career aspirations shifted dramatically after his grandfather suffered a massive stroke. Facing a gap in rehabilitative services, Sajay became the daily care provider for a partially paralyzed adult no longer able to speak or independently perform daily activities. Using a trial-and-error approach, he developed his own methods to manage his grandfather’s…
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  • Kenly Fenio
    Meet a Global Conflict and Human Security M.S. Program Instructor: Dr. Kenly Fenio Dr. Fenio, you have an extensive background in research and teach Research Methods in the Global Conflict and Human Security graduate program at the University of New Hampshire. Which aspect of research do you feel is most important for young scholars?  I think there are three. First, have a sense…
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  • Andrew Coppens M.Ed Faculty
    In the Morning
    What do elementary school children in Nicaragua and rural college students in New Hampshire have in common? Based on three years as a Peace Corps teacher in a small Nicaragua village, Dr. Andrew Coppens, Associate Professor and Director of the UNH Online MEd program, has based much of his work on this very question. He observed that, in the morning, young Nicaraguan children eagerly…
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  • Dayle Sharp headshot
    The Care Continuum
    “I enjoy building relationships with my patients in a partnership to achieve better health,” says Dayle Sharp, Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director of the UNH Online FNP program. “I identify patients by their names, not by their health conditions.” A nursing graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Sharp earned a Ph.D. and a DNP from the University of Texas-El Paso, a Master’s…
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  • Tai Slyne
    From the Heart
    "If you are full within, you have plenty to give others by helping, listening, guiding. I live my calling and it is my joy to serve." Born to Nigerian parents living in England, most of Tai Slyne’s immediate family work in the medical field. Although her original goal was to become a physician, the family purse could not afford multiple siblings to attend medical school simultaneously…
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