Health Data Science Foundational Skills

Prior to the start of your first Health Data Science course, it is important to make sure your skills in the following areas are current. In order to be successful in our Health Data Science courses, you should have basic knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Brief JMP Introduction; Introduction to JMP/Installation;
  2. Foundations of Linear Algebra/Linear algebra;
  3. Probability, counting, random variables
  4. Distributions, mean, variance
  5. Simulations with random variables
  6. Central limit theorem
  7. Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing
  8. Hypothesis tests with proportions tests for categorical variables
  9. SQL
  10. Precalculus

Below we have provided links to several free Coursera courses and some YouTube videos to aid you in your review of material. If you have questions about areas of concentrations for you, please reach out to the Program Director and Advisor, Dr. Robert McGrath, to discuss.